Nice Solar Charger Messenger Bag


Small iPhone solar chargers aren’t for everyone that’s why there are plenty to choose from. One option is a solar bag. I’ve mentioned a few already, but wanted to put together a review of a messenger bag by Eclipse that will work great for charging your iPhone and other small devices on the go.

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iPhone 4 Solar Charger Case Review

This iPhone 4 solar charger case is a sleek black cover for your iPhone 4 that’s equipped with a small solar panel. Like the other iPhone solar chargers mentioned, the solar panel converts solar energy for use in charging your iPhone. The case also protects your iPhone 4 from accidental scratches and drop damage. Let’s…

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7 Of The Best Portable Solar Chargers

As you can tell by reading the iPhone solar charger reviews here or the on device or cable charger post all solar chargers aren’t created equal. Some have additional features, battery sizes and even charge time vary greatly. So instead of reviewing a particular solar charger today, I wanted to put together a post of the best portable solar…

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sCharger-5 Portable Solar Charger Review

The sCharger-5 is a portable solar charger that is unlike any of the other iPhone solar chargers I’ve reviewed. It is one of the larger portable solar chargers that isn’t a solar backpack. It isn’t massive by any means but it won’t fit in your pocket. When it is unfolded the two solar panels are…

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Sol iPhone Solar Charger Review- Part 1


So I’ve had the Sol Solar iPhone Charger for a few weeks now, however I am waiting on another iPhone screen replacement (first 2 were faulty), but that’s a story for another day. With the time that I have had the Sol I’ve done a little testing, but ultiamtely have much more to do before…

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Pico Portable Solar Charger User Reviews

Pico Freeloader Solar

The Pico Freeloader is a portable solar charger I reviewed about six months ago. Since I reviewed it here, the charger has received a number of positive reviews on Amazon, so I wanted to follow up with a post which recapped some of the reviews. Not only does the Pico Freeloader charge the iPhone, but…

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3 Solar Backpack iPhone Chargers You Should Know About

There are a variety of options to consider when going with an iPhone solar charger. On device, cabled solar chargers along with a number of solar bags are readily available and it is important to consider all options to insure you find the best solar charger for you. Since I included solar backpacks in the…

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What You Should Ask Before Buying An iPhone Solar Charger

I thought I’d take a little break from the reviews (don’t worry I am working on more!) after just publishing the version 1.0 of my Solar iPhone Charger Guide. If you haven’t checked it out already give it a read. It’s a free (no hassle) PDF which you can view right from your web browser….

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Solar iPhone Charger Guide Launched

While I enjoy writing posts about solar iPhone chargers, I’ve always wanted to put together a review guide, primarily because I wish a guide was available when I first started researching iPhone solar chargers. It would have saved me countless hours digging through the many solar chargers currently available.

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3 Portable iPhone Chargers That Are NOT Solar

thin iphone portable charger

While I do enjoy writing about the standard iPhone solar charger, I thought I’d change it up a little. I wanted to write a post that included some other portable iPhone chargers. With so many portable iPhone chargers out there it just wouldn’t be right if I left everything else out. OK and I lied….

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